At LGL Coach we understand that every travel plan—large or small—takes precise planning in order to make it a smooth journey. That’s why we’ve methodically designed our services to cater to all your travel needs. Once you book with us, all you have to be concerned with is which seat you’re going to claim.

Airport Pick-Ups and Drop-Offs

To any airport within our reach

Flying should be fun, convenient, and stress-free. Getting to and from the airport, however, can be a hassle. Let our professional drivers take the edge off: we will pick you up from wherever you desire and drop you off right at the airport terminal. Easy. No more worries about driving, parking or shuttle services – we’ve got your back.

Business Travel

To anywhere you do business

Time is money. Get more accomplished on the road by letting us do the driving. Our vehicles are outfitted with you and your business in mind, and our state-of-the-art equipment is sure to increase your productivity while in transit. Our drivers are bound by confidentiality, so you can conduct your business with a peace of mind.
Take that phone call, write that email, conduct that meeting – while we take care of the driving.

Special Events

To any and every event

Weddings, wedding parties, galas, birthdays, concerts, a quick dinner out of town, a golf tournament— whatever special event you have coming up, we’ve got you covered. Show up in style in one of our luxurious vehicles complemented by one of our well-dressed professional drivers who are specially trained to provide you with the Ultimate Client Experience. No trip is too small, no trip is too big for LGL Coach. We are the YES people.


Have a trip that is particular and doesn’t fit the mold? Need reservations made for a venue? Need us to pick up certain items prior to your departure? Our team will tailor-make your itinerary to best suit your travel needs. We are here to cater to you, so sit back and relax—we’ve got you covered.

Book with us today and let’s travel together.

Questions? Shoot us an email and one of our team members will be glad to contact you directly! [email protected]